How I occupy myself in my free time...

By James Mishra

Here is a list of the things that I have worked on in my free time, or for school assignments. They are placed here in the hopes that they might be of use to somebody.


This website

This website is based on static HTML, auto-generated by Jekyll. The theme is custom designed with Twitter Bootstrap and the Liquid Templating Engine.

To see the specific features of this website, visit its page on Github

Work-related projects

Most of my work-related projects cannot be found on this website because they are the property of my employers.

However, you can still read my accounts of what I have done for them, where you can also find presentation material that I may have produced for them.


Class Notes and Cheat Sheets

Banned Pre-Calculus Cheat Sheet

Back in the tenth grade, my pre-calculus class was allowed to write a reference sheet for our final exam.

Then, I distributed my cheat sheet to every student taking pre-calculus. Entire classrooms of students have relied on it for two years until my high school's math department banned it.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Summary Packet

This four-page Microsoft Word document is a summary of an entire year's worth of PowerPoint presentations for the Project Lead The Way Computer Integrated Manufacturing course.

Principles of Engineering Semester One Cheat Sheet

This one page cheat sheet covers the first semester of material in a Project Lead The Way Principles of Engineering course.

Engineering Statistics Summary Packet

This nine-page LaTeX-engineered beast is a summary for a typical engineering college statistics course. It was designed for STAT 3021 at the University of Minnesota.

This is not a cheat sheet for Advanced Placement Statistics.